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Dealer & Authorised Repairer Enquiries


In order for us to process enquiries efficiently we ask that you provide the following basic information so that we may familiarise ourselves with your business prior to contacting you for any possible further discussion.

Basic information to be provided (without which we are sorry to say we will not be able to process you enquiry):

  • Your company name, address, telephone number and website address.
  • Your company structure and set-up (Directors/Management, Shareholders (and percentages), Company Start date, etc.)
  • A brief summary of your main business interests (automotive and non-automotive, if any)
  • Automotive brands you currently represent (officially and unofficially - please state which are unofficial, if any
  • Approximate annual turnover (previous financial year)
  • Details, size and location, including photographs of the showroom which could be made available exclusively for Lotus. 

Please send details to: