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Living in the Area

Living in the Area

Lotus headquarters are based near Norwich in Norfolk and one of the great benefits of working for Lotus is that you get to live in the Norfolk/ Suffolk area.

For those of you who don't already know, Norfolk and Suffolk sit on the mid-Eastern coast of the United Kingdom, defined on the map by a bulge out towards the North Sea. Norfolk is perhaps best known for the Norfolk Broads and Sandringham House, the country retreat of her Majesty the Queen. The area is on average drier and sunnier than any other part of the UK, making it a popular holiday destination.


Norfolk Suffolk Border map

Norfolk Council Coat of Arms


The ancient walled city of Norwich, administrative centre of Norfolk, is the most complete medieval city in the UK, and from the 11th century was the largest city in England after London, right up until the 1700's. The city boasts not one but two cathedrals, Norwich Cathedral (Church of England) and St John the Baptist Cathedral (Roman Catholic).

Today, Norwich is a magnifiicent blend of old and new, with a wealth of cafes, bars, ancient pubs (Norwich has the highest number of pubs per square mile in the UK, many of which serve locally brewed ale), restaurants, clubs and cinemas to choose from, as well as a huge range of shops, which have made Norwich one of the top ten shopping cities in Britain. it also has one of oldest and largest markets in Britain.

Norwich Pubs

The city boasts numerous museums and theatres, cobbled streets such as Elm Hill, Timber Hill and Tombland (not what you think – the name derives from the Saxon word for an open space).

Historic Norwich

Norwich has 1,500 historic buildings within its walled centre, ancient buildings such as St Andrew's Hall, half-timbered houses such as Dragon Hall (below left), The Guildhall and Strangers' Hall, the Art Nouveau delight of the 1899 Royal Arcade (below centre), a jumble of medieval lanes and a delightful riverside along the winding Wensum. Here you'll come across picturesque Pull's Ferry, a 17th century flint house named after the last ferryman to work this stretch of the river.

Historic Norwich


A great place to liveAccording to recent figures released by the Government, people living and working in East Anglia have the 'best quality of life’, with the fastest growing incomes, less than average crime levels and longer life expectancy 1.


If you are looking to live in the city, without question the place to rent or buy is the ‘Golden Triangle' between Ipswich and Newmarket Roads , or as close to it as you can possibly get, with its huge detached Victorian houses and the decadence that goes with it. But unless you have a cool £400k+ to spend on a property, then the next best place is towards the university, or north round the cathedral.

Elsewhere, Riverside has apartments close the station and perfect for those on incomes hovering around the national average.

If you're thinking of moving to the area, here's a guide to local property prices.


Hop on the train in Norwich and you'll be in London's Kings Cross station in less than 2 hours. If you prefer to drive you can be on the outskirts of London within 1.5 hours, and it's easy to catch the tube from Walthamstow.
Norwich Station

Along with a long history of flights to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol via KLM Cityhopper, Norwich Airport offers flights to various destinations in the United Kingdom and Europe.


Norfolk has a completely comprehensive state education system, with secondary school age from 11 to 16 or in some schools with sixth forms, 18 years old. In many of the rural areas, there is no nearby sixth form and so sixth form colleges are found in larger towns. There are twelve independent, or private schools, including Gresham's School in Holt in the north of the county, Thetford Grammar School in Thetford which is Britain's fifth oldest school, Langley School in Loddon, and several in the city of Norwich itself, namely Norwich School and Norwich High School for Girls. Norfolk is also home to Wymondham College, the UK's largest remaining state boarding school.


For more on what to do in Norfolk, visitnorfolk.co.uk

More heritage treasures can be found by exploring the historic market towns and villages dotted around the pastoral Norfolk landscape; like Aylsham, Diss, Harleston or Wymondham,

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