As an engineering consultancy and manufacturer of premium cars designed to excite and perform, our breadth of technical knowledge and understanding is unrivalled.

Although Lotus' cars are created for pure-bred performance, our clients often want help in other areas where our services and technologies are world leading. Lotus Engineering focuses on four core engineering competencies:

We can tackle projects within each individual area or combine them to give us an unmatched ability to deliver anything from a component or system to a complete powertrain solution or whole vehicle programme. It is what we do.

The automotive industry is our heartland, but we do not constrain ourselves to this arena. During our long history, our innovative engineering approach and problem-solving expertise has been used by our clients from many other industries.


Lotus Engineering is unique, offering a blend of technical excellence, passion and performance that is unrivalled in the automotive industry. We have a proven track record taken from almost 60 years experience in motor racing, producing our own cars and working for hundreds of clients in the automotive industry and beyond. 

Lotus has a fine heritage of building exciting, desirable cars, such as the Esprit, Elan, Elise, the Exige and now the Evora. We bring together our world-renowned engineering expertise to create cars with a unique character that communicate with the driver and, above all, are fun to drive.


Colin Chapman built his first car the Mark 1 in 1948 and founded the Lotus Engineering Company in 1952. 

On track, Lotus has a rich history across many fourwheeled disciplines, while in Formula 1 has competed in more than 475 Grand Prix, with 79 race victories, seven manufacturer's championships and six drivers' championships.

Chapman died in 1982, but his thinking has been the bedrock of all of our successes on road and track and we continue to reflect his relentless passion and innovation.

We believe the ideals he represented are more important and relevant in today's global automotive industry than ever before. It is his legacy to us and it is embedded in everything we do here at Lotus Engineering.


Lotus Engineering has a clear advantage; not only do we design and develop engineering solutions, we also manufacture and sell our own cars to very enthusiastic customers worldwide.

All Lotus cars embody our engineering ethos: to produce enthralling vehicles notable for their excellent driving dynamics and efficient performance.  So, whether you need us to create an intelligent body structure that is both lightweight and rigid, use our development expertise to improve the performance and efficiency of a mass‘produced engine, or combine all of our engineering competencies into a complete product design, we are able to assist and understand your needs from the perspective of a vehicle manufacturer.


This global presence is reflected in Lotus Engineering's consultancy business. Our clients include all the major automotive manufacturers, with newer companies from the emerging markets such as China and India forming an increasingly substantial part of our business.

So worldwide we may be, but we are linked-in locally with established engineering centres in the important US, Chinese and South-East Asian markets. It is not just being geographically close to the client that counts; we work hard to deliver our expertise and our innovation in a way that fits both culturally and practically.

Lightweight Architectures

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Efficient Performance

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Electrical and Electronic Integration

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Driving Dynamics

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