The future starts here.

When you visit our history-charged manufacturing facility at Hethel, Norfolk UK, you'll explore the epicenter of Lotus life, where our world class, high performance sports cars are all individually hand built.

Please drag your mouse on the image below for a 360° view of part of the Evora line in the factory.
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No two tours are ever really the same at the Lotus factory, where precision manufacturing is beautifully combined with innovative engineering. Discover the history and heritage of Lotus as you follow each step in the creation of our magnificent machines, and take a walk through the years that saw the company develop from a shed-based one-man operation into the automotive thoroughbred it is today, and the exciting prospects that are just around the corner.

A factory tour at Hethel, conducted through the Lotus Driving Academy, is a must for all Lotus lovers. The tour includes:
  • Chassis assembly
  • Body Bonding
  • Paint Overview
  • Final Assembly
  • Quality Check & Buy Off

There is also the option to take a combined tour of the factory and historic workshops of Classic Team Lotus.


For a glimpse of the factory take a look at excerpts of the "MEGAFACTORIES" film made by National Geographic at the factory in Hethel about the making of Lotus Evora.