First win for Redback Racing in their Exige´s maiden race!

Friday, June 13, 2014 - 09:30
In the first round of the Swedish GT race at Mantorp Park, Redback Racing in their brand new Lotus Exige V6 flagrantly displayed the will to win with solid and consistent speed during the weekend’s initial practice sessions.

In qualification, after just 2 laps, team driver Martin Sventén placed the car on P1, with a comforting 0.3s The team was then able to secure a historical win and finish on top of the podium, leading from start to finish. 1st place, 1st time in GT4 for an Exige, 1st race of the year and the 1st race in a Lotus for Redback Racing.

John Vella, Team Owner and Driver: We are very pleased to see that the Lotus Exige meet´s our expectations and that we started of the season with a win. The team has done a great job and Lotus has been really supportive in our work to get started with a new car. With the expertise in our team I´m hopeful we can continue to deliver during the rest of the season.

Martin Sventén, Engineer and Driver: Already from the first taste we got form the Exige at the Lotus test track in November we have had a good feeling about this car having potential to be a frontrunner despite it aimed at being a track day car. The Lotus engineers have done a great job in creating a car that handles great and is easy to drive fast.

About RedBack Racing: Redback racing is owned and managed by John Vella, a native Australian living and operating in Bankeryd, Sweden. For 2014 Redback has switched to Lotus for their racing program and together with the partners Sventén Motorsport, Revoca and Performance Center Syd they have formed a highly skilled and motivated team.