Exige Range

the incredible levity of Exige…

Levity [lvveti] n. 1. lightness of mind, character, or behaviour; lack of appropriate seriousness, or earnestness; 2. an instance, or exhibition of this; 3. fickleness; 4. lightness in weight.

Defined by its lightness, the Lotus Exige is the perfect example of a pinnacle achievement in automotive terms. When we created Exige, we knew what you wanted. It had to be a separate model range. Separate, yet linked by family, to the immensely successful Elise.
However, Exige sets itself apart from even its most ardent competitors. We believe it to be ‘the thinking person’s Lotus’. Delivering enough power to blitz the 0-100kph international benchmark faster than most supercars, Exige gifts you accessible performance, with carefully crafted quality and a lightness of being that is never short on thrills but which remains eminently drivable at all times.

In creating the ultimate expression of driving passion we recognise that a solitary model is simply not enough. Therefore, we have created a choice for you.
Two different models form the core of Exige…and also a limited edition.                               
Each Exige possesses readily definable strengths.
Each Exige displays the latest technology, refined by Lotus.
Each Exige provides an intensely refined character.

Exige S Coupe Rr3Qtr Silver at the Fun Factory

The Exige S blends the extreme and the sublime, it's a balance between beauty and the beast, and with its 345 hp (350 PS) supercharged V6 engine it's not for the faint hearted.


Exige S Roadster Fr3Qtr Nightfall Blue

More raw than a Japanese tasting menu, the Lotus Exige S Roadster combines its coupé twin’s mesmerizing grunt and handling with an open air experience that makes the driver feel all the more at one with the road.


Exige LF1

EXIGE LF1 (Limited Edition)

Delivering race-car thrills on the road and track, the critically acclaimed supercharged 3.5l V6 Exige S is well known for its focussed dynamic performance, now, with a striking bespoke black and gold paint scheme with red accents and gold 17” front and 18” rear cast alloy wheels, the Exige LF1 leaves no doubt as to its heritage or indeed to its intention!