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Innovation has always been at the heart of Lotus and is needed now more than ever as the automotive world faces up to new environmental challenges. Whether it is new technologies in engine design or control, changes to automotive energy sources or examining and pushing the boundaries of new types of vehicles such as electric cars and hybrids, we are at the forefront of many automotive technologies.

We have always recognised that lighter vehicles are cleaner and more efficient,and this is more relevant today than ever before. That is why we continue to evolve our use of aluminium and bonding techniques, the end results of which will be seen in a variety of exciting production cars launched in the coming years. We are also looking at ways to make lightweight structural composites viable for higher volume applications.

Sustainable materials are now an important part of our research activity, and across all aspects of transport technology we are developing detailed understanding of the whole life cycle impact of transport technologies on the environment.

Evora 414E REEVolution

Hybrid electric sports car


Exige 270E Tri-fuel

Flex-fuel Exige

Eco Elise

Eco Elise

Low Carbon Manufacture

New Product Introduction Process

Interactive overview of the Lotus process for new car introduction using the Lotus Evora as an example. More >>