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Driving Dynamics

We are the world-leading consultancy for driving dynamics. It is a core part of our brand and no-one offers a more comprehensive understanding of the delicate interaction that exists between vehicle and driver.

Driving dynamics are vital; not only do they help satisfy customer desires, they add to vehicle safety and help define the values of the product and brand. They encompass how the car performs and responds, how it sounds and how it makes the driver or passenger feel.

It is an art and a science to create the dynamic character to define a vehicle and meet the needs of the user. Lotus has a deep understanding of how to unite all aspects of driving dynamics ergonomics, vehicle dynamics, aerodynamics, noise vibration and harshness (NVH), performance and safety to create the right overall driver experience for the vehicle.

At Lotus, we are skilled at manipulating all the elements of driving dynamics to create a driving experience that matches our client's expectations and those of the vehicle occupants