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Electrical & Electronic Integration

Lotus Engineering is an established industry leader in creating hybrid and electric vehicles incorporating a range of technologies.

Integration of new drivetrain solutions presents a perfect opportunity for Lotus Engineering's combined skills to shine. Hybrid and electric vehicles pose a unique set of challenges on many fronts, ranging from unconventional packaging, control systems, software and strategy through to wider-ranging manufacturing issues.

However, our electrical and electronic integration expertise extends far beyond propulsion systems into vehicle control systems, comfort systems, infotainment and creating advanced human machine interface systems. Niche and premium applications are often where emerging technology is first implemented to give vehicle users new functionality.

It is this area where our electrical and electronic control technologies and expertise are invaluable in helping clients quickly bring integrated solutions to production.

So, our ability to integrate next generation technologies using a whole-vehicle perspective not only helps our clients deliver on their environmental promise, but also creates desirable, customer-focused vehicles.


Proton EVE

 'EVE Hybrid' (Efficient, Viable, Environmental) technology demonstrator

Proton Emas Drivetrain

Proton Emas concept car installed with a series hybrid drivetrain 

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Taxi

Iconic London taxi with hybrid hydogen powertrain