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Energy Management

Power and energy management

Lotus Engineering can develop the control strategies and electric architecture to manage the total drivetrain and vehicle systems energy and power needs for hybrid and electric vehicles.

We can define the total system requirements, develop software and integrate all hardware elements for managing the electrical energy across vehicle batteries, drive motors, on-board generation and vehicle and comfort systems.

The right energy management approach will not only maximise the efficiency and range of the vehicle but reduce the size of batteries and ensure the functionality and performance of the vehicle is fully optimised.

We have proven experience in designing, controlling, integrating and building whole EV and HEV energy management systems. Our software algorithms are developed in-house, as is our control hardware which is available for use in prototype and low volume applications.

For concept and prototype development, we make use of a full driveline testing capability using hardware-in-the-loop.

We develop system specifications and define concept approaches and develop complete prototypes including prototype battery builds.