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Enhancing Dynamics with Active Systems

Enhancing Dynamics with Active Systems

Our aim is to extend the boundaries of vehicle dynamics with application of active control.

Lotus pioneered fully active suspension in 1981. Over 30 years and 50 active research and prototypes later, we are now exploiting the possibilities presented by electric drive and torque control.

Active control systems for suspension, steering, braking, traction and aerodynamics  improve the inherent dynamic envelope of even a very good 'passive' vehicle. The end result is an improved customer driving experience and a honed brand identity. Agility and ride comfort benefits, stability is improved and aerodynamic drag losses are reduced.

Active Systems are not just for the realms of Formula 1 and high performance vehicles, we have applied the technology to trucks, buses and even tracked vehicles. 

We can provide simulations, concept definition and prototypes and demonstrator vehicles.

We work alongside component suppliers to facilitate and project manage systems into production.