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Halosonic Demonstrator


Halosonic comprises of a suite of four Lotus patented Active Noise Control technologies that enhance the in-cabin audible environment and improve pedestrian safety.

Road noise cancellation (RNC) and engine order cancellation (EOC) actively control refinement levels and minimise undesirable low frequency noises.

Internal electronic sound synthesis creates internal sounds independent of exterior noise levels to improve the in-cabin experience. In contrast, external electronic sound synthesis (EESS) was developed in response to the issue of pedestrian safety around electric and hybrid vehicles which can be difficult to hear at lower speeds due to quiet drive mechanisms.

This is not a new area for Lotus, we have been working with active noise control technologies for over 20 years. The Halosonic technology is licensed solely to our partner, Harman International, the premium infotainment systems provider. Harman International works with vehicle manufacturers on model specific system architectures to develop and integrate production systems. Lotus Engineering will assist manufacturers with system performance optimisation and the assessment of system feasibility.

Further information is available at www.halosonic.co.uk, provided by Harman International.