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Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Programmes

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

We have over two decades of experience in building electric and hybrid vehicles.

The challenges they pose are well-suited to the breadth of skills and expertise within Lotus Engineering. Our experience in control systems, electrical integration and engine design complements our 'whole vehicle' knowledge that comes from us being a car manufacturer. This means we can help create practical, efficient hybrids which are viable for production.

We can engineer complete powertrain systems for single technology demonstrators or support full production programmes with different propulsion configurations, ranging from micro-hybrids through series and parallel hybrids to battery electric vehicles. Hydrogen fuel cells or internal combustion engines for extended range are areas where we are also currently working, and we have developed the Lotus Range Extender engine specifically for hybrid applications.
Whatever the vehicle specification, we define and integrate all major components and systems including motors, batteries and high and low voltage electrical systems within the overall vehicle architecture.

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Lotus Evora 414E Hybrid

Proton Emas Drivetrain

Proton Emas Drivetrain

Zero emission fuel cell taxi

Zero Emission Taxi