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Lotus Controllers


We have developed our own range of controllers for use in Lotus vehicles. Manufactured by Efi Technology, Lotus controllers are flexible and adaptable for a wide range of client applications.


  • Engine controllers
  • Hybrid and Electric vehicle controllers
  • Vehicle controllers

Our own Lotus control systems offer production solutions for lower investment, faster to market options that are flexible and adaptable for a wide range of client applications. We use them for our own cars, so we understand design of control systems for safety and durability.

Our clients benefit from lower development costs and shorter time to market than volume Tier 1 suppliers can offer as well as a product that is flexible and adaptable to exact client requirement

Lotus controllers have been proven in Lotus vehicles (including Elise, Europa, Exige and Evora) as well as R&D programmes since 1994.We have the in-house software capability to develop the control strategy for any application, backed up by our powertrain and control systems expertise. Our partner, Efi Technology has a history of providing state-of-the-art engine controllers for motorsport and low to medium volume production applications.

Lotus controller hardware can be supplied for low to medium volume manufacture or for research and design.
In addition to the controller products, we design bespoke controllers and software.


  • Integration with vehicle systems, sensors and actuators from any source
  • They are fully compatible with latest emissions, diagnostics, EMC and safety requirements
  • Our Applications include cars, motorbikes, marine, automatic transmissions, EV and HEV
  • Shorter lead times for prototype controllers