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Powertrain Testing

Powertrain testing

Lotus Engineering is at the forefront of efficient performance and clean fuel technologies, and leading the way in hybrid and electric vehicles.

Our multi-skilled technicians and engineers have extensive experience in developing and testing a wide range of powertrains including gasoline, diesel or alternative fuels as well as hybrid and electric systems. Over forty global test cells and emissions laboratories provide clients with comprehensive development and testing capability, from discrete tests to full development and validation on small or large powertrain programs, all to the latest worldwide legislation, emissions and conformity of production (CoP) requirements.

As an engineering consultancy and manufacturer of premium cars designed to excite and perform, our breadth of technical knowledge and understanding is unrivalled. Lotus Engineering’s unique heritage as an OEM distinctively positions us in the market as an industry leading engineering consultancy. Our depth of knowledge, specialized skill sets, and test facility capabilities lend to that advancement.

Lotus Engineering is dedicated to meeting our clients’ objectives and program deliverables on time, every time. 

Located at 1254 North Main Street - Ann Arbor, Michigan

  • 70,000 sq.ft. facility
  • 100 employees on 3 shifts


  • 24/7 operation 
  • 17 validation 
  •  6 emissions and calibration development 
  • 1 large powertrain development test site (2 large bedplates, long bedplate: 35 ft x 11ft, wide bedplate: 20ft x 14 ft)


  • 2 mileage accumulation chassis dynamometers for motorcycles/ATVs
  • 3 chassis dynamometers for emissions – 1 for motorcycle/ATV, 2 for passenger cars and trucks


  • Large inventory (87) hydraulic, eddy current, DC, AC dynamometers (10–2,500 HP)
  • 13 AC dynamometers
  • 11 DC dynamometers
  • 58 Eddy current dynamometers
  • 5 hydraulic dynamometers

Fuel Capacity

5 fuel storage tanks (underground) – 60,000 gallon capacity
All tanks are plumbed to each test cell


  • Engine durability and validation
  • Calibration - capability to run a fully automated engine calibration/ mapping program in a test cell environment using ECM interfacing software such as INCA, dSPACE, etc.
  • Powertrain development
  • EV/HEV testing
  • Transmission testing
  • Axle testing
  • Catalyst aging and component validation
  • Alternative fuels test and development: alcohols, hydrogen, CNG, LPG


Lotus Engineering is perhaps best known for its automotive work but around half our business services focus on non-auto sectors including:

  • Heavy duty on/off-highway diesel engine engineering
  • After treatment
  • Military
  • Motorcycles and recreational vehicles
  • Marine engines and exhaust
  • Industrial engine engineering & development
  • Stationary and utility engines


  • Controls calibration & development (proprietary Controller)
  • Multi-fuel capability
  • Transmission and driveline
  • Cost reduction analysis and guidelines
  • Vehicle technical specifications for program optimization
  • Materials selection
  • Test control system development and hardware supply
  • Emissions testing for regulatory and future standards
  • Customized, flexible test setups (from bare bedplate)
  • Lotus simulation software (powertrain and vehicle)
  • EPA and CARB liaison service
  • Engine Inspection/teardown


  • CAS combustion analysis system
  • Coriolis fuel flow meters
  • Transmission/transaxle development
  • Transient and steady state powertrain testing including motorcycle, ATVs, utility, industrial and marine
  • Gear efficiency measurement and effects prediction
  • Powertrain integration
  • Engine and vehicle performance prediction and development
  • Engine installation; vehicle services
  • Calibration mapping and development
  • Lab is EPA/CARB recognized for emissions testing
  • CARB certified for aftermarket catalyst aging


  • Gasoline, diesel and alternative fuels – both 2 and 4 stroke
  • Dynamometer and vehicle based emissions measurement
  • Emissions, durability and mileage accumulation
  • Catalyst aging via proprietary engine management system