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Powertrain upgrades and applications

Powertrain upgrades and applications

Lotus Engineering can provide a service that runs from feasibility and concept engineering to full turnkey solutions to help manufacturers apply new engine technologies to existing engines that enhance performance, improve efficiency and enable their use in new applications. The result is a solution that is fun to drive, efficient and practical for production.

For the client, this provides the benefits of longer life for their existing engines while adapting to changing market requirements providing an expanded product range for their customers. 

We have decades of powertrain integration experience and we are experts in pressure charging, valvetrain technologies and engine control. Experience in calibration and software, combined with our own control systems enable us to achieve desired performance characteristics for a range of powertrains and different fuels.

Powertrain calibration and onboard diagnostics

Lotus can calibrate existing engines and vehicles to meet new legislation and achieve desired performance characteristics. 

Through the application of our own control systems hardware and software development, Lotus can also provide full calibration and on board diagnostic (OBD) systems for a range of powertrain and fuel types including alcohols and gaseous fuels. The Lotus controller allows fast, responsive calibration to be undertaken for prototype and production applications, calibrating for both performance and driving pleasure. 

Our experience in delivering production programmes to global emissions standards is matched by our experience of integrating engine control with the wider vehicle control aspects for many types of vehicle.

We undertake calibration in both test bed environments and in-vehicle.  Lotus supply and support software and controllers for low to mid volume manufacturing.

Powertrain strategy and control systems

The right control strategy for engines and transmissions allows existing engines to be reapplied to meet emissions requirements and provide a faster, flexible and cost effective way to market without the need of a major tier 1 systems supplier. 

From our own experience as a manufacturer of exciting niche vehicles, we can work with our clients to develop total powertrain control for production, meeting the latest legislations, while retaining excellent performance and driveability.

All areas of powertrain control are supported including hardware specification and automatic transmission control for niche volumes. Our own Lotus controller is available for client applications and we have developed proven production controller algorithms for traction and stability control.

We work with our clients to identify the best control route to meet their specific needs and specification, design and develop control architecture and calibrate control software for prototype or production vehicles.