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Vehicle Platform (Elise)


The Lotus small car platform is a lightweight, modular aluminium chassis, which can be use as the basis for client vehicles. As well as for Lotus's own products, the small car platform has been used on the Opel Speedster (VX220) and Tesla Roadster.

This platform provides a low investment, quick to market route for low volume exciting niche vehicles, perfectly suited where handling and driver interaction are primary goals.

The Lotus Elise and Exige are winners of numerous awards for design and vehicle dynamics; both are based on chassis technology that has underpinned over 35,000 cars. Not only is the technology tested and proven but manufacturing processes and facilities already exist to provide rolling chassis or the full build of vehicles for clients.

We can engineer a whole vehicle for the client based on this platform or offer 'off the shelf' components forming the basis of a vehicle or as a sub-assembled rolling chassis.