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Vehicle Platform Engineering

Vehicle Platform Engineering

Alongside the award-winning Lotus car platforms, we develop bespoke whole vehicle platforms to meet performance, functional, commercial and brand targets.

As a vehicle manufacturer for over 50 years, we have a proven track record of designing globally type-approved platforms for production. 

Our own products are the result of a culture that combines passion and commercial pragmatism; qualities that are brought to bear on our client's projects to produce truly individual niche vehicles.

As a new platform development partner, we offer expert knowledge of combining technology from high and low volume manufacturing and looking at materials and process from a position of independence. We select the very best solution for the task.

The Lotus New Product Introduction (NPI) process is used for the delivery of fast to market whole vehicle programmes.

Our client programmes may include the development of new vehicle structures and package concepts, feasibility and market analysis to support the development of a vehicle specification or engineering of a whole new vehicle.