Evora GX / GTC

Evora GX / GTC


Evora GTC Fr3Qtr White on track

International racing championships often demand additional changes to an already accepted formula. The GX and GTC Evora models are both advanced versions of the Evora GT4 Enduro car to meet specific regulations. Featuring wider wheels and tyres, specifically styled and moulded wheel arches cover them. Both GX and GTC cars offer even higher levels of grip, notably when cornering, or accelerating, and accessing the already outstanding performance of the Enduro version of the Evora.

The roof panel, doors and tailgate are all manufactured from carbon fibre, while the standard glass windscreen is replaced by a Lexan polycarbonate version that results in a sizeable weight reduction. As you might expect, the
performance advantage is noticeable.

The GX version is aimed more at the North American market and includes a specific requirement to fit into the Grand Am race series. As a measure of the flexibility of Lotus Cars, both GX and GTC sports cars demonstrate the progression feasible from a well developed and trusted platform.



Max power
440 bhp at 7,000 rpm
Max torque 440 Nm at 5,500 rpm
Max engine revs 7,200 rpm
Fuel rating 98 RON minimum
Engine position Transverse mid-mounted
Unladen vehicle mass 1,130 kg* Base specification. *Subject to final agreed customer specifications 
Engine Cosworth developed mid-mounted, transverse 4 litre DOHC V6 VVT-i 2GR-FE normally aspirated with dry sump
Gearbox Xtrac sequential 6 speed, driving rear wheels, transverse layout dog engagement, reverse and neutral engagement protected semi-dry sump, force deed lubrication, internal gerator pump, extenal oil cooler reverse cut directly onto the primary shaft (Homologated ratios), Endurance specification driveshafts
Gear shift Steering wheel operated paddle shift
Clutch Twin plate sintered clutch
Exhaust system Competition stainless steel exhaust manifold and silencer with FIA homologated catalyst
Exhaust noise 110 dB [A] at 3,800 rpm [FIA]
Induction system Performance air filter, carbon plenum and trumpets
Evora GTC Rear-on White on track
Chassis Modular lightweight bonded aluminium structure
Suspension Front/Rear Forged aluminium double wishbone suspension, 4-way  Ohlins TTX-36 dampers, coaxial coil springs, Uni-ball wishbone joint, increased camber anti-roll bars. Front and rear centre lock hubs, wheel nut safety retainer, track increase rear 100mm front 60mm (2-way Ohlins TTX dampers for GX car)
Braking system Twin master cylinder pedal box, cable bias control
Brakes front Alcon 4 piston calipers, two-piece aluminium belled discs, 25mm race pads
Brakes rear Alcon 4 piston calipers, two-piece aluminium belled discs, 25mm race pads
Wheels Forged alloy Front 18 x 10J  Rear 18 x 12J Centre lock mounting
Tyres Front 285/645 R18,  Rear 305/660 R18
Fuel system FIA FT3 approved with internal high pressure pump, regulator and filter
Fuel tank/ Capacity GX - 96 litres, GTC - 120 litres nominal
Fuel tank/ Filler GX - 1 x twin dry break coupling. GTC - 2 x single dry break coupling
Engine cooling High ambient twin-core aluminium end tank radiator, Laminova heat exchanger, separate gear box heat exchanger, quick fill oil system
Air Jacks
4 point system 2 front 2 rear
Battery Lightweight lithium battery with charger
Body panel Front splitter, front splitter infill panels (GX only), diffuser, high down force rear wing, composite wheel arch extensions, front and rear brake cooling (Series rear wing on GX), carbon fibre doors, carbon fibre tailgate, rear dive planes, canards (GTC only)
Colour White standard [Optional Solid, Metallic, Lifestyle, Motorsport colour scheme special order (team specific)]
Windows Plexi-glass side windows with sliders only on drivers side *GRAND AM has open windows with window net
Front screen Polycarbonate
Roof Carbon fibre
Doors Carbon fibre
Lighting Additional spot lamps
Evora GTC side-on High view
Steering type Rack and pinion, power assisted with PAS cooling, quick release steering wheel
Seat FIA approved competition seat on fixed mounting frame - HANS compatible (Optional Non-FIA slider)
Seat belts FIA approved 6 point competition harness - HANS compatible
Instruments/ Controls CD3 Cosworth Omega dash, fire extinguisher and electrical isolator, Pi dash with logging (Optional sensors) Pi tool box lite, download cable and lap beacon receiver
Door mirrors Lower drag competition style
Evora GTC Interior
Adjustable seat runner
  •   Passenger seat
Carbon roof scoop
  •   Quick fill fuel fillers
Ballast tray
  •   Front splitter infill panels (GTC only, standard on GX)
British GT Championship **
VdeV Series **
Dutch Supercar **
CREVENTIC Endurance Races
** Subject to acceptance
Evora GTC Side on with GT4
* Dependent on specification. All race vehicles are for competition use only and NOT covered by standard manufacturer's warranty*. Terms and conditions apply. No road-type approval documentation or certificate of conformity is supplied with the vehicle.  Different service and maintenance procedures apply. Any type of timed, competitive vehicle use requires that a suitably qualified specialist apply expert levels of vehicle preparation and servicing. Customers are responsible for ensuring
their vehicle is compliant with specific race regulations. Lotus reserves the right to modify prices, specifications and options without prior notice. Please consult your local Lotus dealer for more information.