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Anodising Pre-treatment


In addition to the main facility in Worcester,  LLS operates its own high quality structural anodising plant from a 5,000 m2 facility in Wellingborough.  The facility is capable of anodising 400,000 m2 per annum and also acts as a logistics co-ordination hub for key customers.  The structural aluminium anodising line produces up to 5 flight bars per hour capable of surface treating cast, sheet and extruded alloys.

Anodise finishes available are:

* Clear anodise to BS EN 7599: 2010 with anodising thicknesses from AA5 to AA25 and pre-treatments E0 or E6
* Black anodising to the above standard in thicknesses over AA10
* BS-EN12373
* ISO 7599
* MIL-A-8625
* Ministry of Defence Standard 03-25

* All process routes are hydrothermally sealed.

This is currently one of only a few facilities commercially available within the UK and Europe that is capable of anodising parts to the required high standard for structural bonding.

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