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Every Monday here at Lotus we open our famous factory doors to the public, to enjoy a guided tour around our production facility. The Lotus Factory Tour starts with engine and body prep and follows the entire build process through to the finished car. See just how every single Lotus is - Handmade in Hethel.

Just like our hand built cars, every tour is different highlighting the bespoke cars currently in build. The one thing that remains consistent is the precision manufacturing beautifully combined with innovative engineering. Your tour will envelop you in the history and heritage of Lotus as you follow each step of the production line in creating these magnificent machines, taking a walk through the years that saw the company develop from one mans vision into the automotive thoroughbred it is today, and the exciting prospects that are just around the corner.

Your experience includes

  • Welcome and refreshments
  • Introduction to the history of Lotus
  • Engine Prep
  • Sub Frame Prep
  • Body Bonding
  • Chassis assembly
  • Final Assembly
  • Quality Check and Sign Off
  • Factory Shop
  • Visit to the Lotus Hethel Store