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Discover what makes Lotus a head-turner; from the sports cars, the clothes, heritage, headlines, and the brand itself.

The DNA of non-conformist founder Colin Chapman still flows through the company’s veins: The lust for competition, a genius for innovation, sharp eyes for aesthetics, and an obsession with weight saving that could put Atkins to shame. But above all, the spirit of every Lotus product is living fast and loving life.

Competition: Lotus has won seven Formula One Constructors’ Championships, six Drivers’ crowns, the Indy 500, three class wins in the Le Mans 24 Hours and even the World Rally Championship. No other marque has achieved such polyvalent success.

Innovation: Lotus introduced the monocoque chassis,  aerofoil wings, and ‘ground effect’ which absolutely revolutionized Formula One in the 1960s and ‘70s. The company even invented F1 corporate sponsorship.

Aesthetics: In Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts first fell for the Lotus Esprit, not the millionaire at the wheel.

Lightweight: “The least number of parts effectively employed,” was Chapman’s mantra.

Lotus has always been a game-changer. It has set the road-going performance car market alight just as it has the sport of motor racing. Clever engineering and thinking differently; the rules are bent to breaking point in every-thing it sets its mind to.

The imagery you see above, created by photographer Gérard Rancinan, symbolizes Lotus today – in a state of metamorphosis -  evolving, seizing tomorrow, but never forgetting where it’s from. Lotus' unique evolution can be charted in the heritage section, from the lock-up garage where Chapman built his first racing car to the global yet quintessentially British brand it has grown into today.

Style has always been a critical component. It’s got to look as good as it goes. Lotus Originals, the official clothing line, reflects everything that’s great about the brand: British design at its best, inspired by the company’s road and track models, and equally at home on the pitwall and the catwalk.

Welcome to Lotus World.