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Monday, June 11, 2012 - 10:30

Marvin Kirchhoefer, ADAC Formel Masters, SachsenringLotus’s Beitske Visser was forced to sit out the Sachsenring after her race win at Zandvoort. An accident in qualifying had resulted in her breaking a vertibra, yet this was not discovered by the hospital in Amsterdam and it was only when she went to see a specialist that the damage was clear – but it didn’t stop her winning that race! Nevertheless, doctors advised her not to race last weekend and so her position in the team was taken by Germany’s Hubertus Carlos Vier.

He qualified P8, while team-mate Marvin Kirchhofer took pole, Indy Dontje P4, Jeffrey Schmidt P6 and Kuba Dalewski P11. Kirchhofer led all but the final two laps when, with his tyres on their last legs, he was passed by Gustav Malja and settled for second. Dontje drove well to take the other podium spot. Schmidt was P5, Dalewski P9, Vier P10. In Race 2 it was Schmidt’s turn on the podium, finishing third. Kirchhofer was fourth, Dontje fifth, Vier seventh, and Dalewski P16. The third race was red flagged after a big crash two laps in and wasn’t restarted.

Lotus’s Marvin Kirchhofer leads the championship with 119 points to Gustav Malja’s 105, while Lotus dominate the team standings 70 points clear of Münke.

Timo Rumpfkeil, team principal: “A rather difficult weekend for us. Marvin’s pole was good, but the qualifying speed for our other drivers didn’t seem to be there. It was the same story in the race, where some struggled for speed and others were really quick, so we’re going to have to look into this. Nevertheless, we have maintained our lead in the championships. Indy scored his first podium, so congratulation to him, I’m sure it will be the first of many. Hubertus only had two test days to prepare having not been in a Masters car since last October, P4 in practice was a great sign. He was unlucky in the races, having a few clashes and losing places, but the speed is evident and I think he’ll be achieving podiums for Lotus soon, too.”