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Saturday, August 11, 2012 - 13:45
Jump starts and drive-thru penalties
In the 20-minute race - held in finally dry conditions - several of the 19 drivers made mistakes. Nearly the entire Team Lotus line-up (Artem Markelov, Kimiya Sato and Sheban Siddiqi) received drive-thru penalties for having made jump starts - a particularly tough decision for Markelov who held second position when he had to come in for his drive-thru penalty. In addition to the three Lotus drivers, Dennis van de Laar and Dominik Kocher also made jump starts and just like Tom Blomqvist, Denis van de Laar and Kimiya Sato also received time penalties after the race for having deliberately gone of the track several times.

On lap six, Jimmy Eriksson and Lucas Stolz (Germany) had a close encounter in the Schlossgold corner and while the Swede could continue, Stolz was forced to cruise back to the pits to retire. In the ATS Formula 3 Trophy, Andre Rudersdorf once again delivered in superior style. The 16-year old German shared the podium with guest driver Maximilian Hackl (Germany) and Belgium’s Jordy Weckx.