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Formula One - Indian GP Preview

Monday, October 22, 2012 - 14:15
"Four races left and four good opportunities to score points”

Having clinched P5 on his first visit to Korea, Kimi Räikkönen now has another new country and track to contend with as we head to India and the Buddh International Circuit in New Delhi. 

After a relatively uneventful Korean Grand Prix, Romain Grosjean looks forward to India, targeting another solid points finish.

Kimi Raikonnen

Kimi Räikkönen

We just need to keep working as hard as we can to score strong points. The gap to Sebastian [Vettel] is quite big now so it will be very difficult to catch him, but we’ll keep pushing all the way.

I have never visited [India] before… I have certainly enjoyed Indian restaurants in almost every country I’ve been to though!

Romain Grosjean

Romain Grosjean

I was at the circuit with the team last year in my role as third driver. The track is very impressive. The layout looks very interesting, with some slow corners and high speed sections as well. I’m sure it will be a great track to drive and I’m looking forward to unlocking its secrets!

I was a bit nervous starting the race [in Korea] as there was quite a lot of pressure. I’ve been my own worst enemy at times this season, but hopefully now we can put it behind us and move forwards.

Eric Boullier, Lotus F1 TeamEric Boullier - Team Principal

I think we should now be looking to push both cars into the top five during qualifying which will give us a much better chance of bringing home some good points in the fight for third place in the Constructors’ Championship.

There’s no denying it will be difficult. Having said that there are still four races left and four good opportunities to score points. The key will be to make sure we have good reliability from the E20 and our drivers, with both cars finishing solidly in the points every weekend.


Buddh International Circuit Preview

3.5 Highest g-force experienced for 2 seconds at T7
15 % of the lap spent braking
55 Total straight per lap (%)
57 Gear changes per lap
62% of lap at full throttle
70 Lowest apex speed (kmh) at T3
250 Highest apex speed (kmh) at T12
317 Top speed (kmh)
400 Distance in metres from start line to first corner
1000 Longest full throttle burst (metres) between T3 and T4

On Track

Buddh International, Circuit, Indian GP, F1, map, trackPit Lane

The pit lane is one of the longest in Formula 1 at over 600 metres with a notable influence on pit stop strategy as a result.

Approaching Turn 4

With speeds of around 320kph attained, the longest straight on the track leads into Turn 4; a corner which is quite wide to assist with overtaking. It’s also the heaviest braking point on the circuit – with cars going from 320-90kph in 140 metres – creating aspect which should assist passing.

Turns 8 – 9

A fast right to left chicane, turns 8-9 require a quick change ofdirection from the car.

Turns 10 – 11

The never-ending turn 10-11 combo is similar to Turkey’s Turn 8; long and fast, with energy building and compounding in the tyres. Turn 10 is uphill and heads straight into Turn 11, which combined to form one of the most exciting parts of the circuit. This section is overlooked by a grandstand with a capacity of 13,000. Through this long corner, understeer is the enemy and car setup is focused on countering that.

Turns 13 –14

Turns 13-14 form another section requiring good change of direction. Here the car needs to be stiff to ensure receptive response.

Turn 16

Turn 16 is another wider section of track which promotes overtaking opportunities.