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Formula One - Korean GP Preview

Tuesday, October 9, 2012 - 17:15
"Cautiously Optimistic"
After another battling drive to clinch P6 in Japan, Kimi Räikkönen faces the rare challenge of an unknown circuit as the Formula 1 circus rolls on to Korea.  Having left Suzuka with plenty to think about in the wake of a turbulent Japanese Grand Prix, Romain Grosjean is relishing the challenge of a new circuit for him in Korea and a chance to make amends…
Kimi Raikkonen, E20

Kimi Räikkönen

I’ve never been to Korea, but it doesn’t make a difference for me.  Since I was very young I have always been able to pick up circuits very quickly.  We’ll have to wait until the first laps of FP1 on Friday to get to grips with the circuit. Hopefully we will have normal weather there and will not miss any track time on Friday because of rain or technical issues.

Romain Grosjean

Romain Grosjean

Since Singapore, I’ve been trying to be really cautious at the starts and it’s been all the more frustrating to be involved in an incident in Japan.  I’ve sat down and looked at things again with the team; for sure it’s still an area we need to improve. We’re clearly focusing on this area for the next races.

Eric Boullier, Lotus F1 TeamEric Boullier

I think the nearer we get to the end of the season, the more difficult it will be to achieve top results. We need to stay united though, stay focused on our job and  get both of our cars into the points. We also need to add performance to the E20 so we are not having to trade paint with Ferrari, but are well ahead of
them on the track instead.


Korean GP, Yeongam, Preview

3.5 Highest g-force experienced for 2 seconds at T7
14 % of the lap spent braking
42 Total straight per lap (%)
55 % of lap at full throttle
56 Gear changes per lap
70 Lowest apex speed (kmh) at T3
280 Highest apex speed (kmh) at T8
300 Distance in metres from start line to first corner
315 Top speed (kmh)
1000 Longest full throttle burst (metres) between T2 and T3

On Track

Yeongam, Korea, Korean GP, F1, Circuit, Track, MapTurn 1

High braking demands in the latter part of Turn 1 can potentially make life difficult for the drivers at the start of the race, when the cars are at their heaviest and tyres at their coolest.

Approaching Turn 3

Over 300kph is reached on the approach to Turn 3 before heavy braking into this tight right-hander. higher speeds could be attained on this long straight, however wing levels required for the remainder of the lap mean that maximum velocity is constrained by drag and gearing.

Turns 4 – 6

More heavy braking demands here after a significant straight leading into the slowest section of the track, where good low speed change of direction and mechanical grip are required.

Turns 7 – 13

Turns 7-13 are quite long, sweeping corners, relying on good downforce and balance from the car. Turn 8 is the fastest point – taken at almost 300kph – before heading to the slower turns 9 and 10. overall quite a satisfying section of race track for the drivers.

Turns 14 –18

Good change of direction is again required from the car through this sequence – which bears a striking resemblance to Valencia – with the walls being close enough to punish any mistake. Turn 17 is particularly important, requiring good exit speed heading on to the start / finish straight.

Turn 17

Turn 17 is actually quite high speed heading on to the first straight.