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Formula One - Korean GP Race Report

Monday, October 15, 2012 - 10:45
Lotus F1 Team will return to Enstone with a very useful haul of points after Kimi and Romain crossed the line to take P5 / P7 respectively in a hotly contested Korean Grand Prix
Korean GP, F1, 2012, 717, banner

Kimi Räikkönen, E20-05

Korean GP, F1, 2012, 38Grid: P5
Race: P5
Fastest Lap: 1:42.822 [Lap 51]
Pit Stops: 2 [Lap 13 / Lap 35]

Key Moments:

Lap 01: Defends position into T1, gains a spot on HAM into T2 then loses two positions to HAM and MAS through T4 / T5
Lap 10: Sets the fastest first sector of the race as pace increases
Lap 14: Pits for soft tyres; brand new set
Lap 18: Re-passes PER into T3; the Sauber yet to make a stop
Lap 23: Makes a move on HAM around the outside into T3; run wide by the Brit on exit
Lap 24: Takes HAM at the same turn but this time down the inside; immediately loses place again heading into T4
Lap 26: Attempts the same pass again; can’t match the McLaren for straight line speed
Lap 27: HAM pits; immediately faster in clean air, setting the fastest middle sector of the race on the following lap
Lap 35: Final stop; another set of softs
Lap 55: Chequered flag; retains starting position; P5

Romain Grosjean, E20-03

Korean GP, F1, 2012, 10Grid: P7
Race: P7
Fastest Lap: 1:42.783 [Lap 44]
Pit Stops: 2 [Lap 14 / Lap 31]

Key Moments:

Lap 01: Holds position through T1, then loses a spot while taking evasive action in T3 to avoid collision between BUT and KOB
Lap 10: Begins to put significant pressure on HUL
Lap 13: Switches to soft tyres; fresh set
Lap 20: Finally passes MAL into T1; the Williams running a long 1st stint
Lap 27: Gains a spot as HAM pits for the second time
Lap 30: Tries a bold move on HUL into T3; can’t quite make it stick
Lap 31: Pits for new softs
Lap 33: After numerous attempts, makes the pass on HUL stick into T3
Lap 35: Unusual line across the grass on exit; loses moderate chunk of time
Lap 40: Tight battle with HAM and HUL; runs deep into T3 avoiding HAM and loses position to both cars through T5 / T7
Lap 55: Chequered flag; retains starting position; P7

Korean GP, F1, 2012, 717, banner


  • Both drivers started on scrubbed sets of red marked, super soft compound Pirelli tyres; switching to fresh sets of yellow marked softs on two occasions apiece
  • Continued yellow flags as marshals cleared away the Mercedes of Nico Rosberg prevented Kimi from challenging Felipe Massa in the early stages
  • The Finn also lost a lot of time behind Lewis Hamilton; lack of straight line speed owing to the inherent loss of power from the Coandă exhaust system hampering his attempts to overtake and remain in front