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Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 12:45
The E21 Unveiled

E21, Launch, Lotus F1 Team, Enstone 1The Lotus E21, the 2013 racing beast was unveiled at Enstone last night, giving Lotus F1 fans the first glimpse of technical director, James Allison’s new challenger.

The car retains the 2012 nose cone design with the team choosing not to add the FIA sanctioned vanity panel, as Allison explained this would add unnecessary weight to the car, counteracting the performance enhancements of the new model.  He then also went on to confirm that the team will use the ‘passive DRS’ device which has been pioneered last season.

"The rules for 2013 are very, very similar to those of 2012 so you can expect a lot of family resemblance from the 2012 car. But as ever in F1, the devil is in the detail, and the detail of this car adds up to a significant amount of performance," he said.

Aesthetically the E21 looks fastidiously turned out, and meaner than its predecessor. It has stylish flashes of red in the colour scheme, around the airbox and centre of the sidepods, juxtaposed against the famous black and gold livery.

More than a fashion statement however, the car is the tool intended to loosen the big team stranglehold which has dominated the top of the Championship table, - Lotus have a clear target for 2013.

"Our expectation is to do better than we did last year, which is quite a lofty expectation, but that is what we are shooting for," declared owner Gerard Lopez.

Eric Boullier went onto confirm: "… we will fight everything we can to be in the top three."

No easy feat, but with the task in the hands of former F1 World Champion Kimi Raikkonen and stablemate Romain Grosjean, both of whom have had a great 2012 season, the team is quietly confident they can make big waves. It was also announced last night that Davide Valsecchi, the 2012 GP2 Champion will join as the third driver, whilst Jerome D’Ambrosio will remain as the team’s reserve.

We look forward to seeing the E21 put through its paces in Jerez, February 5th-8th where testing will begin in earnest, prior to the new season.

Technical Specification of the new E21 Formula One Challenger


Moulded carbon fibre and aluminium honeycomb composite monocoque, manufactured by Lotus F1 Team and designed for maximum strength with minimum weight. RS27-2012 V8 engine installed as a fully-stressed member.

Front Suspension

Carbon fibre top and bottom wishbones operate an inboard rocker via a pushrod system. This is connected to a torsion bar and damper units which are mounted inside the front of the monocoque. Aluminium uprights and OZ machined magnesium wheels.

Rear Suspension

Carbon fibre top and bottom wishbones with pull rod operated torsion springs and transverse-mounted damper units mounted in the top of the gearbox casing. Aluminium uprights and OZ machined magnesium wheels.


Seven-speed semi-automatic titanium gearbox with reverse gear. “Quickshift” system in operation to maximise speed of gearshifts.

Fuel System

Kevlar-reinforced rubber fuel cell by ATL.

Cooling System

Separate oil and water radiators located in the car’s sidepods and cooled using airflow from the car’s forward motion.


MES-Microsoft Standard Electronic Control Unit.

Braking System

Carbon discs and pads. Calipers by AP Racing. Master cylinders by AP racing and Brembo.


Removable driver’s seat made of anatomically formed carbon composite, with six-point or eight-point harness seat belt. Steering wheel integrates gear change, clutch paddles, and rear wing adjuster.


Motor generator unit driving into front of engine with batteries as an energy store. Motor Generator supplied by Renault Sport F1. Electronic control unit by Magneti-Marelli.


Front Track: 1450 mm
Rear Track: 1400 mm
Overall Length: 5088 mm
Overall Height: 950 mm
Overall Width: 1800 mm
Overall Weight: 642kg, with driver, cameras and ballast

E21, Launch, Lotus F1 Team, Enstone, #imsexyandiknowit

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