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World Series by Renault - Motorland Aragon 2013 Race Report

Monday, April 29, 2013 - 15:00
The Rain in Spain, Red Flags and Spin cause more disappointment for Lotus WSR.

WSR, World Series by Renault, 2013, Motorland Aragon, 3, Marco SorensenRace 1

Marco Sørensen did a great job in qualifying for race 1. For most of the session it seemed likely to be the first pole position of the year. Marco dropped to P5 just a few seconds before session ended.

The race itself did not turn so well. After a messy start, Marco was fighting hard to overtake. In the twisty sectors of the track, Marco had no problem keeping up with his competitors. What he gained in sections, was unfortunately lost on the straights.

Marco Sørensen : "Though I was in the slipstream of the other cars I wasn't able to keep up with guys in front of me. A bit of a weird feeling. We'll keep on pushing for better results tomorrow." Marco ended 9th in Race 1.

Meanwhile Marlon Stockinger qualified poorly having hit traffic during what should have been his flying lap. During the race he accidentally hit the anti-stall, so the car went into neutral. He recovered quite quickly but lost a lot of pace and finished in P19.

Race 2

The qualifying for race 2 was chaotic and driven in very wet conditions. The drivers were struggling to keep the cars on track in the heavy rain. This caused three red flags which made the race directors add 5 minutes to the total time of the session.

Marco Sørensen : "It was almost impossible to keep the temperature in the tyres, which reduced the level of grip dramatically. Lots of spinning cars caused yellow flags as well as red flags and I was not able to put in a clear lap at all."

At the end of the session Marco was on a quick lap, having achieved the fastest sector times, unfortunately he had to cancel this lap because of a red flag.

WSR, World Series by Renault, 2013, Motorland Aragon, 2, Marco Sorensen
WSR, World Series by Renault, 2013, Motorland Aragon, 1, Marco Sorensen

Because of heavy rain, Race 2 started behind safety car with Marco in P13. On the third lap the cars were released to race and Marco pushed hard.

Marco Sørensen : "As soon the safety car went in, the visibility was almost gone. With minimal amount of grip, the car felt very much alive. After few laps, I had a quick spin and lost some positions."

Marco kept fighting and gained the positions that he lost in the spin. He was driving his quickest lap times at the end of the race, which he finished in P10.

"We have had some ups and downs through this weekend. Today the qualify messed up which affected the race a lot. We will keep on pushing to get the everything perfectly running before the next race, i'm sure our hard work will pay off in the end." -Marco

Marlon Stockinger failed to finish.

The next event will be held together with the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix the 25th and 26th of May.