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World Series by Renault - Spa Francorchamps 2013 Race Report

Monday, June 3, 2013 - 11:15
Sørensen delivers eleven more points for the team. Stockinger still yet to score.
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The legendary circuit of Spa Francorchamps hosted the fourth round of the Formula Renault 3.5 World Series. After a successful weekend at the Monaco GP where Marco Sørensen drove to a podium finish, the young dane was looking forward the two races at the Belgian Formula 1 track.

Marco Sørensen: "Monaco was the season's turning point and now it is all about keep your tongue in your mouth and playing on, there is no doubt that the championship is still open, "

Marco won his first race last year at Spa Francorchamps, a record that the rest of the Lotus WSR team worked hard to repeat.

RACE 1 (delayed by fog)

Marco Sørensen [Car no.9] - Started P5 Finished P5

Marlon Stockinger [Car no. 10] - Started P21 Finished P20


Marco Sørensen [Car no.9] - Started P21 Finished P10

Marlon Stockinger [Car no. 10] - Started P16 Finished P17