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Lotus Evora Review

"The Evora is a benchmark and an object lesson in how to make a car handle, ride and steer"
- Jim Holder, Editor

Lotus Evora S - First Drive

"Lotus Evora S has more than just extra power - it's a stroke of rare genius"
- Steve Sutcliffe - 28 October 2010

Lotus Evora S Video Review

"On the move the Evora S is brilliant... I cannot think what sort of car you would need to keep pace with it... It's the car we always wanted Lotus to build.  It's bloody marvellous!"
- Steve Sutcliffe - 3 November 2010

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Lotus Evora - First Drives - The New Car Review

"You’ll love the Evora. It’s everything we’d hoped a bigger, more sophisticated Lotus sports car might be"
- Chris Chilton - 12 May 2009

Lotus Evora S - First Drive Review

"Superb.  It's a stark reminder of what Lotus does so right today"
- Ben Pulman - 1 November 2010

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Lotus Evora tested on some of the most challenging roads in Britain

"Make no mistake, this is a very special car"
- Henry Catchpole - October 2009

Lotus Evora Supercharged Review

"It’s a different sort of Evora, the S, a more direct, more focused and much faster one"
- John Barker - November 2010

Evo Readers Experience the Lotus Evora

"I think it's a brilliant car, just fantastic. It's very quick, very punchy. There's a lot of speed there, especially up at the top of the rev range."
- Paul Cobbing, Ascot

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Lotus Evora Long Term Test – Sport & Paddles

"When in Sport mode and using the paddles this car is hilariously quick and great fun to drive!"
-Andy Betts - 31 July 2012

Lotus Evora Long Term Test – Model Year 2012 Evora S IPS

"I challenge any petrolhead not to be delighted by this... The MY12 S IPS is a proper supercar now. It looks, feels, sounds and behaves in a supercar fashion and is a real pleasure to drive."
-Andy Betts - 26 June 2012

Lotus Evora Long Term Test – It wasn’t meant to be this good

"Very impressed, a well priced, usable sports car"
-Andy Betts - 16 April 2012

Lotus Evora Long Term Test – Winter Tyres

"Pulling away with careful throttle input results in zero wheelspin and braking and steering are still completely useful."
- Andy Betts - 14 February 2012

Lotus Evora Long Term Test – Intelligent Precision Shift

"The software Lotus use on the Evora IPS checks a number of parameters constantly and analyses what you’re trying to achieve with the car"
- Andy Betts - 30 January 2012

Lotus Evora Long Term Test – Supercharger

"The Evora S is a very well specced GT cruiser as well as sports car"
- Andy Betts - 2 December 2011

Lotus Evora Long Term Test – Moving on up…

"I can see an Evora in my future once this long term test is over. They really are that good!"
- Andy Betts - 26 September 2011

Lotus Evora Long Term Test – Day after day…

"It's very easy to jump in the Evora and just drive it"
- Andy Betts - 15 August 2011

Lotus Evora Long Term Test – A month of Evora-ing!

"The ride is out of this world as the awards from the major magazines attests to"
- Andy Betts - 1 July 2011

Lotus Evora Long Term Test – An introduction

"So, what's it really like to live with and 'own' an Evora?"
- Andy Betts - 9 June 2011