Exige V6 Cup R

Exige V6 Cup R


Exige V6 Cup R Yellow

Racers want a proven edge and the Exige V6 Cup R has already earned its spurs as a highly competitive race car, with numerous pole positions and race wins in the Lotus Cup Europe.

The V6 Cup R is the full race version of the Exige V6. In addition to the Exige V6 Cup specification, a higher downforce, aerodynamic package, reducing the weight by a further 60kg, the fitting of race-specification dampers, with the option of a sequential gearbox that also features an increase in power output, are vital elements of the package, if desired.

If you believed that we could be focussed with other models in our line-up, the Exige V6 Cup R hones a very fine edge onto an already much-lauded sports car. Yet, as with other Lotus models, while it satisfies demands, the Cup R model remains undemanding of the driver. That is what ‘focus’ is all about and it means that you can race your Exige, knowing that it is a complete car, which allows you to master its finer points, without fear of the car taking over.



Max power
366 PS at 7,200 rpm*
Max torque 413 Nm at 5,000 rpm
Max engine revs 7,200 rpm
Fuel rating 98 RON minimum
Engine position Transverse mid-mounted
Unladen vehicle mass 1,040 kg*
Engine Mid-mounted, transverse 3.5 litre DOHC V6 VVT-i 2GR-FE Harrop HTVi320 supercharger with baffled wet sump, Lotus EFI controller engine management, MIL diagnostics, rear-mounted oil cooler (sequential gearbox cars only)
Gearbox 6 Speed close ratio with constant mesh helical gears and an open differential
Gear shift H pattern
Exhaust system Competition stainless steel exhaust manifold and silencer with FIA homologated catalyst
Exhaust noise 98 dB [A] at 3/4 max rpm (only available with sequential gearbox option)
Induction system Performance air filter and carbon induction tube (sequential option only)
Battery Lightweight performance battery
Exige V6 Cup R engine bay
Chassis Lightweight bonded aluminium structure, FIA approved roll cage, front and rear towing eyes
Suspension Front/Rear Double wishbone suspension, adjustable dampers, Eibach coaxial coil springs
Braking system Lotus/Bosch tuned ABS
Brakes front Four piston calipers, two-piece aluminium belled discs, race pads
Brakes rear Four piston calipers, two-piece aluminium belled discs, race pads
Wheels Front 17 x 7.5J Rear 18 x 9.5J
Tyres Pirelli Corsa front 205/45 R17 Rear 265/35 R18
Fuel system Standard 40 litre fuel tank, optional 70 litre FT3 fuel cell
Fuel tank/ Capacity 40 litres (70 litre option)
Fuel tank/ Filler Pump style filler
Engine cooling Triple pass radiator with aluminium end tanks
Dampers Ohlins TTX 2-way adjustable
Body panel Extended front splitter, diffuser, race rear wing, lightweight engine cover and canards
Colour Standard Lotus colour range
Exige V6 Cup R Fr3Qtr
Steering type Rack and pinion, quick release steering wheel
Seat FIA approved competition seat on fixed mounting frame - HANS compatible (drivers only, passenger seat optional)
Seat belts FIA approved 6 point competition harness - HANS compatible (drivers only) 4 point harness fitted with optional passenger seat
Instruments/ controls Lotus 4-way DPM with sports, race and launch control modes, fire extinguisher, electrical cut-out and FIA rain light. Variable traction control and gear indicator (replaces Lotus DPM with sequential gearbox)
Exige V6 Cup R interior
Xtrac sequential 6 speed, driving rear wheels, transverse layout do engagement, reverse and neutral engagement protected semir-dry sump, force feed lubriction, internal gerator pump, external oil cooler reverse directly cut directly into the primary shaft [standard as V6 Cup]. Steering wheel operated paddle shift [only available with sequential gearbox option]. Twin plate sintered clutch.
Passenger seat with 4 point harness
Fuel sampling kit
Anderson plug
Air conditioning
Diamond cut wheels, cast [17" front and 18" rear]
Trofeo tyres
Lotus Cup Europe
Lotus Cup UK
Lotus Cup USA
Lotus Cup Italy
Exige V6 Cup R Side-on
* Dependent on specification. All race vehicles are for competition use only and NOT covered by standard manufacturer's warranty*. Terms and conditions apply. No road-type approval documentation or certificate of conformity is supplied with the vehicle.  Different service and maintenance procedures apply. Any type of timed, competitive vehicle use requires that a suitably qualified specialist apply expert levels of vehicle preparation and servicing. Customers are responsible for ensuring
their vehicle is compliant with specific race regulations. Lotus reserves the right to modify prices, specifications and options without prior notice. Please consult your local Lotus dealer for more information.