TYPE 125


Max Power: 640 bhp @ 9,800 rpm, Max Torque: 450 Nm @ 7,600 rpm, Max Engine Revs: 10,300 rpm normal running,
Fuel Rating: 101 RON, Unladen Vehicle Mass: 650 kg.


T125 Side-on
Type 125 Fr3Qtr action

The Lotus T125 is an exclusive, ultra-high performance F1® inspired race-car complete with Cosworth 3.8 litre GP V8 engine producing 640bhp linked to a 6-speed semi automatic gearbox with paddle shift.

 A bespoke carbon composite with Nomex and aluminium core chassis with carbon composite panels contribute to a super lightweight of just 590kg resulting in a phenomenal power to weight ratio of more than 1000 hp per tonne.

The Type 125 gives you all the fun of an F1 car, but without the pain. It is still very physical, but it is easier to control and with a bigger cockpit. It is also easier to maintain, and you don’t need a crew of a dozen people to start it up and keep it running like you do in a grand prix. Instead, the Type 125 is started at the touch of a button. 


In September 2011 Group Lotus sent the car to Enstone, the headquarters of the Lotus F1 team, for its final phase of development. Romain Grosjean put the Type 125 through its paces at Portugal’s Portimao circuit, as engineers honed the car’s characteristics and performance envelope to replicate those of the Formula One counterpart, while keeping it safe, approachable and reliable for Lotus’s private customers.

“The idea was to bring the car as close as possible to F1 level,” explains Romain, “We needed a car that was close to the lap time of a Formula One car, but that was also easy to drive. We achieved a strong level of performance and sensation, but it is not too hard or too on-the-limit to drive which is important. We did a lot of laps during our three-day test and we had no reliability issues at all. Everything worked perfectly.”

T125 banner

Inside and out of the cockpit, the Type 125 is hard to differentiate from the F1 equivalent.  Enstone added a huge amount of downforce to the car – more than F1 rules allow – largely aided by a dustbin-sized rear diffuser, and they took out extra weight. “Some things were quite funny,” recalls Romain from the Portimao test, “like the auto clutch the car has for when you leave the garage and the option of auto up-shift, which seemed odd the first time I used it – a bit like a computer game – but it works well.”

Enstone also worked on build quality, something an F1 team knows more about than any other industry. The Type 125’s 640 bhp 3.5 litre Cosworth V8 engine is linked to a six-speed gearbox with paddle shift. The car’s featherweight 560 kg results in a phenomenal power-to-weight of nearly 1,000 bhp per tonne. That’s more than enough.  It is much faster than the Formula One cars of the 1990s. 

Purchasers of the Lotus T125 will be able to choose from a stylisation of a classic Lotus livery, the Exos concept design, or as an option, request their own, bespoke livery.

Testing at Yas Marina Circuit

The Lotus T125 put through its paces at Abu Dhabi circuit.


"It's just terrifying..."

BBC Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson gets a very hands-on induction when he tries out the new F1-style Lotus T125.  Please note that since this video was produced, Mr Alesi no longer comes with the package.