Lotus’ engineering and racing expertise has ensured the development of a sports car that lends itself to excellence on both road and track, as witnessed through its evolution. In race form, the Evora GT4 encapsulates all of Lotus’ core values and technical expertise, it’s a proven winner. And its long-distance derivative, the Evora GTE race car, has shown its pace in the 2011 Le Mans 24-Hours, providing the inspiration for its road going sibling. Presenting Lotus’ most powerful production performance car ever, the Evora GTE road car. For handling, performance, exquisite poise and usability, the Lotus Evora delivers in every aspect.


Evolved on Track SuspensionEVOLVED ON TRACK

The road-going version has directly benefited from the Evora’s racing pedigree. Its power and agility are complemented by race proven AP Racing brakes.

Only the slightest pedal pressure is required to reduce the Evora’s momentum. Whether it’s an occasional track day or a full-on assault in endurance racing with a GT4, the Evora’s track origins are plain to see.

As swathes of twisting tarmac disappear into the distance, this Lotus sports car makes light work of the road ahead. Focused driving is effortless thanks to the Evora’s impressive grip, tucking the nose into apexes with precision and poise.

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Performance Foundations paintThe essence of the Evora is found in its exceptional engineering and focus on performance. Production combines high technology processes with hand finishing techniques, from chassis construction through to final assembly. Teams of specialists oversee every process ensuring Lotus’ high-quality engineering standards are met during every stage of the build; with completed cars undergoing rigorous rolling road and water-ingress tests to ensure ultimate reliability and performance.

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Evora Laser Blue on the roadEXCITING ON THE ROAD
Whatever the circumstances – sweeping curve, tight hairpin or flat-out straight - the Evora is always ‘on it’. Highly tuned suspension ensures it tracks accurately through corners, while its cross-drilled and ventilated disc brakes provide more stopping power than a .357 Magnum.

 Boosting the Evora’s performance arsenal, its Dynamic Performance Management (DPM) traction and stability management system has three settings; suppressing oversteer and understeer in the ‘on’ setting, allowing a small degree of slip in ‘Sport’ to allow the driver greater engagement, and disengaging altogether in ‘off’ when you want to test your reflexes.

Laser blue Night time bannerINTELLIGENCE IN THE CITY
TIPS shiftransitioning from open-road to urban jungle, the Evora is not fazed. Its compliant suspension makes light work of rough surfaces and bumps. With a commanding on-road presence, the Evora occupies the road with sporting appeal and a lack of pomposity; it dispels the hostility that many other supercars arouse.
On the urban grind there is plenty to entertain you including direct inputs for iPod®, iPhone® and MP3 devices plus a music and video App via the built-in SatNav system. Eco Drive allows you to evaluate performance, including acceleration and braking, as well as emissions.

EVORA Intelligence in the City bootIn fluctuating traffic conditions the ‘IPS’ (Intelligent Precision Shift) automatic version with paddle shift control provides a more relaxed driving mode thanks to its flowing power delivery.

The standard 2+0 configuration offers more than enough storage for a trip to the shops or a round of golf. Alternatively, select the optional 2+2 configuration and your children will boast in the playground about their stylish school run.

The Evora chassis is composed of an extrChassis Evorauded and bonded aluminium structure, developed for its lightweight yet incredibly stiff design. The front subframe carrying the suspension, brakes, cooling and steering, while the central tub contains the driver’s cockpit and safety cell - a format closely reflecting the layout and construction of modern-day racing cars - with the rear subframe carrying the engine, transmission, suspension, brakes and exhaust system. Completed cars undergo rigorous rolling road and water-ingress tests to ensure ultimate reliability and performance. The Evora is renowned for its precise handling and excellent ride. This is due in part to the award winning, lightweight and stiff chassis design. So stiff that it takes 27,000 Nm to twist it just one degree. The chassis’ strength allows Lotus engineers to make the suspension more compliant, increasing comfort without compromising the ride and handling dynamics.