1960 THE MID-ENGINE PRINCIPLEStirling Moss Monaco - Lotus climax 18 - 1st

Focused on winning, Chapman adopted and improved upon the mid-engined layout of the successful Cooper race cars. A much simpler car than the Type 16, The Type 18 was so competitive in both Formula 1 and 2 that it was emulated by the majority of cars in those formulae. Racing with the Type 18 in Monte Carlo, Stirling Moss drove to victory at the first of many championship Grand Prix wins as driver for the Rob Walker team.
Chapman said he regarded the Type 18 as the first true Formula 1 car he had designed and built, his previous front-engined efforts being merely dabbling.

The Type 19 large capacity sports racer was developed from the basis of the Type 18 and went on to dominate its class in the USA..