Lotus Club GT

Lotus Club GT

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Group Lotus is welcoming applications to one of the world’s most elite clubs. Here you won’t find leather Chesterfields, wood-paneled walls or the aroma of fine cigars; instead you’ll find bucket seats, carbon-fibre and the smell of burnt rubber.

Membership to the club comes with the purchase of one of Lotus’s premium race-bred models – the Evora GT4 and Evora Enduro with club specification.
Member benefits include one-to-one driver tuition catering for drivers of all abilities by our works drivers and ambassadors, including Jean Alesi and Johnny Mowlem. Club GT ensures members get the most from their cars and from themselves, and become legends in their own lifetime.


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Members also receive exclusive VIP access to Lotus events, like going behind the scenes at the Lotus F1 Team’s high security HQ and in the pits at glamorous grands prix.

“You will enjoy it, and I think what you get out of it is more than what you give,” says businessman and Club GT member Matthew de Morgan. “We aren’t out there to be pseudo Michael Schumachers, we’re there to have fun competing, to enjoy ourselves in an environment which is safe, educational and challenging. Coming into this program has been an eye opener for me. I did not come here with a previous history of driving cars round a track and having done it I’m delighted. Frankly it’s probably the best thing I’ve done for myself in the last ten years.”


"...It starts when you order the car, not when the car is delivered"...


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