Group Lotus plc is a British company based at the former site of RAF Hethel, a World War II airfield in Norfolk UK. The  company has three main operating divisions: Lotus Cars, Lotus Engineering and Lotus Racing. Group Lotus is owned by Proton.


Lotus is a driving icon that throughout decades of development has remained true to its founding principles; the minimum number of parts, a perfectly balanced chassis and a tactile and engaging spirit, all of which are recognisable in every car to carry the Lotus badge.

The Lotus range of cars today includes the multi award-winning Evora, the stunning Exige S available as both Coupe and Roadster and the iconic Elise. All are hand-built at the Hethel factory in Norfolk, UK by our dedicated and highly skilled workforce.

Production combines high technology processes with hand finishing techniques, from chassis construction through to final assembly. Teams of specialists oversee every process ensuring Lotus' high-quality engineering standards are met.

With engineering effectiveness comes efficiency, allowing Lotus to extract every aspect of dynamic performance from each component - remaining true to Chapman's original principle of performance through lightweight.

Factory tours are available through Lotus Driving Academy.


Current Range 2012

Lotus production line

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Lotus Engineering provides comprehensive and versatile consultancy services to many of the world's OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers and is an internationally recognised automotive engineering consultancy. Global facilities include those in the US, Malaysia, China and offices in Germany and Japan. Lotus is a global high-tech company, committed to driving forward technology for both Lotus Cars and its Engineering clients, spearheading research into such areas as hybrids, electric vehicles and renewable fuels.



Lotus Racing (formerly Lotus Motorsport) operates the motorsports activities of Lotus and includes the strategy to return the Lotus name to a great number of series including endurance racing with GT2, GT4 and LMP2, single seater racing with GP2, GP3 and IndyCar. Lotus also returned to F1 with Lotus Renault GP from the start of the 2011 F1 racing season onwards.

The Lotus FIA-homologated test track, home of Lotus Racing and the Driving Academy, is situated close to the main headquarters at Hethel. It was revised and rebuilt in 2011.

Nigel Mansell officially opened the track with a roar from the 1981 Essex-Lotus 81B in which he started his glorious F1 career more than 30 years ago, leading a convoy of seven stunning racing cars from the Lotus stable, including the innovative 1980 Type 88 twin-chassis car; the Lotus Type 125 Exos driven by fellow F1 legend Jean Alesi; and a brace of Lotus Renault GP cars piloted by current F1 stars Vitaly Petrov and Bruno Senna.


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The development of the Lotus Originals retail concept has been rapid, upon its launch in September 2010 the dedicated website was the only retail outlet for the collection.

The first shops soon followed with a store at Lotus’ Hethel HQ (shown opposite) and Norwich City Football Club’s Carrow Road stadium opening in Late 2011. Dealer shops have also recently opened in China at new Beijing and Chengdu showrooms.

The London flagship store is the next step in a fully integrated, international retail strategy for non-car Lotus products. Coming soon!