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Our objective is to procure the highest quality and cost effective components for assembly into our vehicles delivered consistently on time. This will be achieved through open, honest and clear communication with our suppliers and a philosophy of working in partnership to address problems quickly and robustly to protect the end consumer.

This webpage has been designed to provide suppliers of production materials to Lotus Cars Limited with our quality requirements and procedures and all associated documentation for download and review. Please note that this is the primary location for this information and it should be checked periodically for updates. Any other copies on media or hard copy are uncontrolled.


Evora Production LineThe purpose of the Supplier Quality Manual is to document all of the requirements and associated processes for the development, approval and supply of production materials to Lotus Cars Limited.   All existing, new or potential suppliers should familiarise themselves with this manual as its contents form part of our standard contractual terms and conditions.


  Supplier Quality Manual (Revision 3) - 7th August 2014

Important Note:

This Supplier Quality Manual supersedes the Lotus Supplier Handbook which is now obsolete and should not be used for suppliers to Lotus Cars Limited.


Parts SuppliersThe Lotus Parts Approval process has been developed to provide a simple and effective focused activity for developing parts and processes within the supply chain that can consistently deliver the requirements of Lotus Cars Limited at serial production volumes.

Key objectives of this process are:

  • Drive early identification and robust resolution of problems
  • Ensure a plan is in place and agreed to deliver a smooth launch of new parts using a standardised reporting and project management toolset
  • Detail all activities required to demonstrate that the supplier can manufacture parts to agreed quality requirements at production volumes


   Lotus Part Approval Process (Revision 2) - 7th August 2014

Important Note:

This Lotus Part Approval Process supersedes the APQP Status Reporting Guidelines which is now obsolete and should not be used for suppliers to Lotus Cars Limited.


   Lotus PO T&Cs - 18th May 2016