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Welcome to Lotus Ownership

Owning a Lotus will make you a happier person. This is a fact. Everyday, you will wake up eager to get out of bed and leave the house because of the head-turner on your driveway. Like a new parent, you will think of nothing else.

Chances are, for the first few weeks of Lotus ownership, you’ll be peeking through your curtains constantly, admiring your new toy and getting all excited about your next journey together.

Owners have a special relationship with sports cars, more than with ordinary cars, because there is an emotional bond. Each Lotus is a character.

It’s therefore a given that Lotus owners care a great deal about their cars: They want them to look their best, to be healthy, safe and successful.

Lotus’s customer service, parts, accessories, and warranty ensures all of these things, plus peace of mind, and means that the novelty of sports car ownership never wears off.