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Lotus Exige S Review

"Superbly poised in a supple, uniquely Lotus way... terrifically quick, extremely entertaining and, importantly, relatively cheap compared with its rivals. That’s not bad for arguably the best all-round road/track car currently on sale."
- Matt Prior, Road Test Editor - April 2012

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Lotus Exige S Review

"Lightness and lots of power – it’s a recipe for a serious performance car... and Lotus has taken it to the extreme"
- Owen Mildenhall - April 2012

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Lotus Exige S (2012) First Drive

"It’s impressively compliant for such a sporting car... a breathtakingly special thing to drive... You will, I guarantee, be smitten"
- Ben Barry - 25 April 2012

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2012 Lotus Exige S V6 review and pictures

"The closest obvious competitor is a Cayman R... but the Lotus is nearly a second quicker to 60mph (3.8sec versus 4.7sec)."
- Henry Catchpole - April 2012

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Driven: Exige S

"The Exige S has instant access to a tidal wave of torque... and accelerates like a rocket ship!... You will not find anything that competes at this price, we’re confident of that."
- Andy Betts - 2 May 2012