Lotus Cars Australia Winton Track Day 2019

  • Exclusive Winton Track Day for Sports Car Owners.
  • Track Day suitable for beginners.
  • Driver training and tuition.
  • Track day with small groups.

Exclusive driving events in Australia from Lotus

As a Lotus sports car owner you get exclusive access to driving events across the Country that include track days at locations like Winton Raceway in Victoria, Wakefield Park in Goulbourn, the famous Mount Panorama Racing Circuit in Bathurst, Phillip Island Circuit in Melbourne and other locations across the Country.

Track day for Lotus Elise, Exige & Evora

The Elise, Exige or Evora two door sports cars have been built for driving enthusiasts, so Lotus makes sure you can enjoy the cars at speed on a race track at a track day that we run. The Lotus Cars Australia Winton Track Day 2019 was a great success with more than 50 Lotus owners enjoying each other’s company, great weather and a challenging racetrack. The driving standard on the day was excellent across all groups with the usual perfect mix of speed and courtesy on display.

A track day perfect for beginners

It was pleasing to see the rookies making the most of the mentoring on offer to covert nervous excitement into sheer joy. The only measure applied to the untimed drive group is smiling on faces, by that measure everyone had a great day as the smiles grew bigger and more plentiful as the day went on.

Experience Lotus driver coaching with Barton Mawer in a Lotus Elise

Winton Raceway Track Day for Lotus sports car owners

For each track day we make sure there are different groups of drivers based on their experience and vehicle specification. It is important that we have people in groups that will be driving on the race track at similar speeds so that the day is safe and enjoyable. Our regular sprint groups made the most of the excellent conditions posting some impressive lap times on the Winton Raceway racing circuit. Our very low track densities with similarly paced cars, combined with excellent track conditions saw many drivers post personal best efforts.

Stuart Innes and his 2008 Lotus Elise S Turbo in the Sprint group

Timed laps on a racing circuit for sports car owners

The new Sprint R group with some well-timed handicap releases from the dummy grid in the last two sessions proved to be a massive hit with the experienced sprinters that are looking for something different. It was also a big hit with the spectators. Some experienced racers were heard proclaiming it was the most fun they’d had in a car for years. Having to string eight fast laps together chasing a Lotus further down the road while minimising time lost in traffic is a tremendous yet fun challenge for a driver. Some shined, others realised how much skill is required. For a few mixing it up in this group of experienced drivers helped them shave seconds off their previous personal best times.

The Sprint R group: Tim Schreiber’s grey Exige 350 with Leigh fuller’s yellow Exige CR in hot pursuit of the number 1 position, Andrew Richmond’s blue Exige 350 followed by Martin Duursma’s green Exige Cup 430

Trackside mechanic and engineering support

Off the track, the Simply Sports Cars and Lotus Melbourne support crews did a great job ensuring the cars were running smoothly and had the correct tyre pressures. Fortunately, most of the cars were well prepared, and the boys didn’t have too much work to do, allowing them to enjoy the on-track action. Race Solutions were brilliant as usual, keeping the day running to plan to make sure everyone had more than enough track time.

Thank you to everyone that came along and helped make the day such an enjoyable one. Make sure you pencil in Wednesday 5th February where we will kick off the 2020 Lotus Cars Australia Track Days at the legendary Mount Panorama circuit at Bathurst!

Full event photo album available here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/mf5yfRMYmkob6Q9D9