One of the only real drivers cars available to buy new with 3 pedals

The Lotus Exige V6 enables you to enjoy a supercar experience and lifestyle within a realistic mid executive car budget. The car has the looks, feel good factor, performance, handling and noise to match cars commanding much higher price points and running costs.

On top of that the Exige V6 is one of the only real drivers cars available to buy new with 3 pedals, a manual gearbox, no turbo chargers and all combined in a genuinely light weight package. The supercar world has rapidly changed and sailed up in price point over the past 20 years. In the process adding weight with infotainment and mod cons to make driving more comfortable. It feels like many other designers lost sight of what real drivers demand and have forgotten about raw engagement.

Lotus are still sticking to their core values of offering supercar thrills for considerately less money and giving real drivers a true distillation of what genuine sports car enthusiasts crave.

I bought my first Lotus before I could drive.

I bought my first Lotus before I could drive. A type 110 bicycle – which I I still own today. My first drivers car was a 2005 Elise S2 111s. I tried other cars after that, but none quite got under my skin in the same way, or made me want to go out for a drive with no real destination. The Elise did that, I’d just go out for drives for the enjoyment of the car and the experience. For that reason I came back to Lotus and craved the extra power, noise and presence that the Exige V6 offers.

I’ve since got involved with the Lotus Drivers Club, made many new friends with genuine car enthusiasts and grouped together via several different platforms around 30 other Lotus car owners locally. We typically go for monthly pub meets, random drives and last Christmas made a Lotus enthusiast bride and grooms wedding day one to remember by surprising them with a convoy of Lotus cars.

The cars aren’t just material objects that transport you from A to B. They can be far more than that if owners want them to be. The only trouble is the car then becomes your common link to your friends and social calendar making it something even harder to ever sell!”