My journey started with viewing an S1 Exige in Chrome Orange aged 23. The roof scoop, the rear louvre and rear spoiler. I simply had to have one. They eluded me for 20 years. Finally and with somewhat of a circle to the story 20 years later of my first sighting of that Chrome Orange Exige I saw an advert for the 20th Anniversary Exige in Orange. I simply had to own one. Central Lotus were my chosen dealer and I’m now the proud owner of my own Chrome Orange 20th Anniversary 410 Exige with matching orange interior. The details on it are outstanding, the S1 Exige outline graphics on the front wings and rear bumper, the 20 year emblems on the rear bumper and of course the shark fin black paint protectors fore of the rear wheels. All brilliant yet subtle hints to the original S1. I feel really connected to this car already, firstly because it is simply stunning to look at, but also because it reminds me of my personal journey of 20 years, my car ownership journey and my full circle from that initial glance at that S1 Exige all those years ago and yearning to own a race car for the road to today where it now sits in my garage.

It truly is a race car for the road. It’s an event with every drive. The view out of the front looking left and right over the front humps over each wheel, a glance in the rear view mirror through the rear Carbon Fibre louvres, harks back to the James Bond Espirit’s of the 80’s. Every drive feels exciting. It always receives positive attention, young and old, mainly where now fuel stops take twice as long to have a chat with someone who shares the love of the brand but never got round to owning one. It’s special in every way.

I feel connected to my car now on both a driving level, and it’s ability to make any road feel special, and also even very quickly on an emotional level. The story of my car journey to today, but also the positivity it gets. It makes people smile. The heritage of a British sports car is not lost when driving around the UK, and it’s always fun to acknowledge the thumbs up from other drives, the waves from passers by as well as the hoots and hollars from kids (and their older family members) whilst driving past. It’s my own super, sports car, and makes me thoroughly enjoy every drive everyday.

I live near to the Peak District so am lucky enough to be able to visit regularly. The run from Derwent Reservoir through to Tideswell and then on to Monyash and back through Buxton takes in some of the most picturesque national speed limit twisty roads you could hope for. True drivers roads, and almost built For The Drivers!