Lotus Only Track Day Eastern Creek

“I had a great experience at the recent Lotus track day at Eastern Creek. As always, the event was brilliantly run – with great technical support from Lotus.”

Lotus Cars Australia hosted another track day driving experience with over fifty sports car owners enjoying exclusive use of Sydney Motorsport Park racing circuit for the day. A relaxing day with drivers grouped into different sessions based on their levels of driving experience, including a beginners group experiencing their car on track for the first time.

Lotus sports cars are available for sale in Australia and every dealer actively supports regular track days and other driving experiences throughout the year at local racing circuits. Lotus Cars Australia holds exclusive track days during the year for owners of Elise, Exige and Evora performance vehicles that enables driving enthusiasts to enjoy the limits of their sports car in a controlled environment.

Not only does Lotus provide trackside support with their engineering and mechanics on standby but using your vehicle on a racing circuit is covered by our new vehicle warranty (Learn more) to give you peace of mind, enabling you to enjoy your sports car fully.


  • Eastern Creek track day for less than $600
  • Small groups with limited numbers on track
  • Exclusive use of the racing circuit
  • Trackside engineering and mechanical support
  • In-car driver coaching for beginners

Lotus Cars Australia runs track days during the year at various racing circuits. For this event Lotus partnered with Driving Solutions to hold this track day at Eastern Creek on the premium Sydney Motorsport Park racing circuit. All Lotus sports car owners were given the opportunity to get exclusive access to the track for the entire day and the cost of this advanced driving experience was less than $600. Take a look at some of the other track days that have been held at racing circuits in Australia for sport car owners.


  • Professional driver training
  • 1-on-1 personal assistance
  • Experienced driving instructors
  • Small on track group

One of the unique aspects of a track day at Eastern Creek that is run by Lotus Cars Australia is the unique treatment given to people who are driving their sport car on a racing circuit for the first time. If you have ever been thinking about what track day for beginners might be suitable for you then owning a Lotus is the perfect way for you to do this.

Lotus Cars Australia creates a ‘Drive’ Group who are provided with a group of professional driving instructors for the day who take each person step by step through the process of driving your sports car at speed on a race track.

Each person gets personal, 1-on-1 treatment to make sure they are completely comfortable while on the circuit. Lotus ensures everyone’s safety by having the instructor sit in the passenger seat and giving you tuition as you drive. This is then followed up with a debrief after your session.


I had a great experience at the recent Lotus track day at Eastern Creek. As always, the event was brilliantly run – with great technical support from Simply Sports Cars Lotus.

I also enjoyed the venue – being 20 minutes from home is a real bonus. Thanks Richard, Lee, Richie, Mark and the rest of the SSC crew!

Peter Wolsey

Absolutely fantastic event, I cant wait for the next one.

Well done to the team at Lotus for continuously putting on such amazing events which allow spirited drivers such as myself to enjoy my Lotus the way it was intended to be driven. 

Angelo Tzikas

Awesome day, plenty of track time, considerate drivers, lots of spirited fun.

Peter Ireland


  • No special license required
  • Everyday road registered Elise, Exige or Evora
  • Drive to and from the racing circuit

Many people don’t realise that not only is a Lotus sports car the ideal choice for enjoying a track day but there are many opportunities for road registered vehicles to be used to complete one. Lotus Cars Australia provides owners of road registered Elise, Exige or Evora sports cars the opportunity to use them on a racing circuit. 

You don’t need a special race car and the best part is you drive it to the racing circuit and then home again. You get to enjoy driving your car without speed limits in a controlled environment that is an internationally recognised racing circuit like Sydney Motorsport Park at Eastern Creek.

Lotus Cars Australia worked closely with Driving Solutions to run the day and make sure everything was planned throughout the day to keep everyone safe and maximise track time.


  • Beginners – including access to driving instructors
  • Intermediate – lap timing for experienced drivers
  • Advanced – a faster group for very experienced enthusiasts

To ensure all drivers enjoy themselves and their sports car we spend a lot of time making sure we have the right logistics in place. Unlike regular track day events, we split drivers into different groups so that each person is on the track with other people of similar ability. This means each session is run as safely as possible and everyone can drive at their pace without the pressure of faster cars going past them regularly.

You don’t need any previous driving experience on a racing circuit, the team will ease you into the day and as mentioned, there is an exclusive group for beginners who get personal 1-on-1 tuition and training to get them up to speed. It means you can focus on your driving enjoyment during the day.


Being on the track is an exhilarating experience but one of the more enjoyable aspects of a track day with Lotus is the social aspect that having an exclusive track day event creates. We enjoy seeing close friends, father and son or even husband and wife coming along to our driving events to enjoy them together. 

The Lotus community of sports car owners are very inclusive and welcoming. It is an environment where driving enthusiasts can get together and enjoy a common passion.


Lotus Cars Australia prides itself on creating a driving lifestyle that is focussed on enabling people from all walks of life or driving experience to enjoy their sports car all year round. Driver training, track days, targa rally events and social outings are run all year round that gives vehicle owners a chance to use their sports car regularly and enjoy the friendship of other driving enthusiasts.

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Can you check if my car is suitable to take on the race track?

Yes – all our Dealers around the Country can assess your sports car to make sure it is suitable to use on the race track. If needed they can also make the necessary repairs or upgrades required.

Is this track day only for new Lotus sports car owners?

No – our track days are available to anyone who owns a Lotus sports car whether new or used. We do recommend and encourage owners who have older models to ensure they are suitable for track use.

Do you need a helmet?

For this type of track day event a helmet is required to be worn when you are on track. We do have other performance driving experiences where a helmet is not required.

Do you need a race suit to drive on the racing circuit?

This is an element of personal preference. You are required to be fully covered from ankle to toes and ideally in non-flammable materials while you are driving.

Many people will wear jeans and long sleeve t-shirt. Although to be more comfortable some people will choose to wear a one piece race suit when they are on the circuit, you also look like you know what you are doing 🙂

How fast can you go at a track day?

You can go as fast as you and your car are capable of. At Eastern Creek we see a number of sports car owners reaching speeds of up to 200km/h.

Although try to ensure everyone is driving in a safe and controlled manner during our track day experiences. It is a day to have a spirited drive, it is not a race or competitive in any way and our focus is letting you enjoy the limits of your vehicle rather than trying to break lap records.

Do I need special track tyres?

One of the benefits of owning a Lotus sports car is that it is very light compared to most road vehicles. So for example an Elise sports car weighs less than 1,000 kgs vs most rear wheel drive two door coupes which are 1,200-1,600 kgs in comparison.

This means an Elise is more sympathetic to things like tyres, brakes and other parts of a vehicle like wheel bearings, gearbox or suspension etc given there is less weight putting forces through these components.

It also means you can use the standard wheels and tyres supplied with your vehicle, but there are also other options available for greater performance levels.

Is my car insured if I use it at a track day?

We would recommend you speak to your car insurance provider to see what provisions they have available for non competitive track use.