2020 Essex Blue Evora GT 2+2 – ordered bespoke back in June 2019.
-Carbon Pack with red Cat Scratches
-Ti Exhaust
-Red Stripe seats
-Subwoofer & Amplifier
-6-Speed Manual (most important option)

It’s fun – a simple phrase that sums up the entire driving and ownership experience of my Evora GT. The mechanical feeling of the way the aluminum shifter clicks through each gate, the telepathic hydraulic steering, and the sound of the supercharged V6 through the Ti exhaust dispatch all the best kinds of endorphins in your brain.

People give you a thumbs up when you drive – it’s a car that makes others happy. It’s so unique that most have no idea what it is, but looks exotic enough that everyone knows it’s something special. No matter the destination, driving my Lotus always feels like an occasion.

Finally, being a firm believer that a new car’s ownership experience is only as good as your dealership will allow, it must be said that my dealer (Lotus of Indianapolis) has been an absolute pleasure to do business with. The entire staff is just a big group of Lotus enthusiasts who love cars. This is something you won’t get from any other brand and is totally unique to Lotus. I get truly excited whenever I know I’ll be visiting my dealer.

I have a favorite curvy country backroad that I drive from time to time – that’s about the best I can ask for in central Illinois 😅. It has no destination on the other side. Once I’ve driven down it one way, I just turn around and drive up the other way back home.