For starters, I love my Exige! After owning a Seven for 16 years, followed by an Elise SC RGB, I now have the immense pleasure of driving an incredible Lotus Exige S in Motorsport Green. It perfectly combines the feeling of a GT and a racing car. It is one of the rare sports cars which communicates with its driver and exactly reproduces its orders in total osmosis. The sensations experienced at its wheel are unique and the sound produced by its engine as the landscape passes before me transforms every little trip into an adventure. Thank you Lotus for existing and thank you Colin Chapman for your legacy.

What I like most about my Exige is its perfect evolution since the first Elise, its sensual forms, the nuances of its painting varying with the light and a unique interior atmosphere very close to the competition. Finally the music produced by its powerful motor in the passes drives me crazy!

Mountain roads are perfect for all Lotuses, but my favorite route is without a doubt the Col de l’Izoard on the famous “Route des Grandes Alpes” in France. The Swiss Alps in Valais and Graubünden via the Tremola and the Stelvio are also fantastic. Go there without delay …..