Lotus Exige

Now with 3 years free servicing on selected models*

Serviced by an authorised Lotus dealer
Only genuine Lotus parts are used
Enhances resale value

Includes the following standard services

After sales service

1st year annual service

2nd year annual service

3rd year annual service

Contact your Lotus dealer for more information.

*Available on selected stock Exige. Excludes new orders.

Any parts/repairs/labour not covered in the standard scheduled service are not covered in the offer. Only genuine Lotus parts will be utilised. Lotus reserves the right to subsequently reverse claims for free servicing where non-genuine parts have been used. Costs for the service will only be accepted if they are in line with the requirements of the scheduled operations/timings/mileage/km (distance). Normal wear and tear is not included. Late services may be declined at the discretion of the Warranty Department and Lotus Cars will not be liable for these costs. Specialist servicing or maintenance requirements for adjustable dampers and/or sump baffle gates used on some models are specifically excluded from this plan. Failure to follow recommended servicing requirements for these parts will invalidate their warranty. Participating Lotus dealers only. Terms and conditions available from your Lotus dealer.