User-generated content terms & conditions

  1. Introduction
    1. These terms of use (“Terms”) describe the terms and conditions in relation to Lotus’ use of content you have uploaded onto a third party social media platform (“Content”).
    2. The use of your Content is carried out by Lotus Cars Limited and/or its affiliates and subsidiaries (collectively, “Lotus”).
    3. You consent to and acknowledge the use of any personal data associated with your Content by Lotus on the terms of the Lotus Privacy Policy https://www.lotuscars.com/privacy-policy
  2. You and Your Content
    1. You should only grant us permission to use your Content if:
      1. You are 18 years or older;
      2. You are a parent/guardian with legal responsibility for any minors depicted in the Content;
      3. You grant us permission for Lotus to process and use your name, social media handle, image, likeness and/or other personal information in connection with using your Content as set out in these Terms;
      4. You own or otherwise control the rights to use your Content and any and all elements contained within the Content; and
      5. Your Content, and Lotus’ proposed use of your Content in accordance with these Terms does not infringe or violate the rights of any third parties, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, copyright, trade marks, patents, defamation or confidentiality.
  3. Rights of use
    1. You shall at all times retain ownership of your Content.
    2. You hereby grant to Lotus a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, sub-licensable right to use your Content by displaying it on any of Lotus’ websites, social media channels, in dealerships and/or in other advertising.
    3. Lotus’ rights as set out above shall expire 3 years after your acceptance of Lotus’ request to use your Content. You may revoke Lotus’ rights to use your Content before the expiry of Lotus’ rights by:
      1. Removing your Content from the underlying social media platform on which you agreed to allow Lotus to use your Content; or
      2. Emailing Lotus stating that you no longer wish Lotus to use your Content at: website@lotuscars.com.
    4. If you revoke Lotus’ rights to use your Content as set out above, Lotus shall stop using your content within 21 days.
  4. You and Lotus
    1. Lotus is not required to use your Content, even if you have accepted Lotus’ request to use it. Lotus may choose to use, use and stop using, reuse or not use your Content at any time.
    2. You acknowledge that Lotus is not responsible for, and has no liability for, any use of all or part of your Content outside of the uses contemplated by these Terms. You agree to release Lotus, along with its respective officers, directors, employees, agents, licensees and successors from any and all claims that you or any persons acting on your behalf have or may have relating to the use of your Content in accordance with these Terms.