I own a 2007 Lotus Exige S, also known as the “Exige GT3-S” I’ve always loved Lotus since I was a young kid and dreamed of owning one. After my first year of ownership my vision was to create a GT3 version of the Exige that could be used on the street and track. The car has been fully modified inside and out.

I love how raw the car is. It truly is a proper drivers car experience that you don’t get with any other car. You feel so engaged with the car, its just so rewarding. Its a race car for the street, I don’t think you can ask for anything better.

Here in Detroit, Michigan also known as the Motor city, we have a really nice stretch of open roads with trees and beautiful views called Hell, Michigan. A lot of car enthusiasts drive this road and last October I drove it with the Lotus owners group and employees at Lotus HQ Michigan.

I’m so fortunate to own this great machine and be apart of such a wonderful brand. This Exige will be staying with me for a lifetime and I look forward to creating more memories and experiences with it throughout the years.