I’m a fan of all the Esprit models, but especially loved the first Peter Stevens’ design: it’s straightforward and unpretentious, and doesn’t have the extra sculpting of the later versions.

I purchased this ’89 Turbo in a state of mechanical and exterior disrepair and set about to rebuild it to be more track-focused and clean. The blue-gray was not a factory color of course, but I felt it fit the period. The wheels are from a later model and my favorites from the Esprit range.

The interior and engine compartment are stripped of every unnecessary element, though I kept the wonderfully worn leather interior, getting the doors and modifying the original seats to accept 5-point harnesses. The engine and turbo were rebuilt with care and I fabricated a custom exhaust.

The result is an acceptably quick car that sounds otherworldly. Absolutely the best-sounding car I have ever driven. Few would argue the Esprit range is iconic, yet paradoxically it’s also highly underappreciated.

I choose Lotus because I respect the brand, its history, and appreciate its product; it is a design-driven company that has shown a clarity of vision in every model.